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Starting date is postponed
2016 / 06 / 06
Dear followers, Just wanted briefly to inform that my initial start date (June 11th) is being postponed. No matter how difficult this is, more important is that this project would be as sucessfull as it is possible from the get go. For that to happen, there is a need for more financial support and larger team, at this point of time I have limited resources and I do not want to dissapoint those which are involved and will be in the future, by running this project half way. Going forward I will be searching for potential sponsors and members/volunteers to join project so we can make this history happen!  Always yours, Tadas
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New motorcycle
2016 / 04 / 21
I want to say big thank you to "Krasta Auto", local BMW dealer in Lithuania for sponsoring with brand new motorcycle and official conference with media. It is such first public announcement and big push towards the start of this mission. Happy to share some news from media (in lithuanian though).
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Less than 3 months remaining...
2016 / 03 / 20
The last few weeks have been very interesting and intense while I continue my preparation for the start in June. The fewer days remain before departure the more effort you have to put into tasks which require most time and energy. Every time I check off an item from the “to do list” it gives me extra boost to continue moving forward with new challenges which I encounter in my preparation phase. Maybe you’ve already read my post on FB earlier this week about the most important and often forgotten task by travelers which prepare for such adventures-new passport :) Despite how strange it might sound but it happens often and you better take care of it while you are still in your home country otherwise you might get stuck, hopefully in a country where you can get that fixed while having few nice cocktails on the beach :) I’m planning to visit 50 to 60 countries and I know that new passport doesn’t have so many pages but fortunately European Union privileges will allow me to skip stamping while going through Europe during my last stage of this trip. Will let you know once I return if actually 1 new passport is sufficient. During this week I’ve also had a chance to visit few radio stations (“Radijas Kelyje” and “Power Hit Radio”) where I spoke about my project (you can find links to these talks at the end of this blog, sorry but this time they are only in Lithuanian). I have to say I was a bit nervous speaking out for the first time, there were a lot of things on my mind, such as who is listening, how are listeners reacting, am I speaking to fast or too slow, boring or interesting and so on. After some time, I got into it and enjoyed to the fullest, hopefully it was interesting and inspiring to those who were listening. Soon there will be few more and I’m planning to communicate more through media, magazines, and TV-stand by for news! :) And towards the end of this week, for dessert I’ve kept another very important task-vaccine shots. Those who have travelled to remote countries know which and how many shots need to be taken and most importantly how your body reacts to those shots. It’s like a small warm-up before your real adventure where small amounts of these viruses are injected and left for your body to fight them, this way you develop stronger immune system which protects you from full scale viruses in real life. I will be honest, there were few moments of weakness after these shots, therefore It is recommended to carefully plan you next 24 hours because you don’t know how your body will react. There is a saying: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :0 Hopefully the last snow will start melting soon but let’s enjoy it for the last time and continue preparing for all our adventures….žinis-sieks-tapti-pirmuoju-lietuviu-pasaulį-apvažiavusiu-motociklu/
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Hello for the first time!
2016 / 03 / 01
With great pleasure I'm finally launching my website where I will be updating you with information about the progress of my trip of a lifetime. Here, you will be able to find my blog together with pictures and video, current location-clicking the blinking dot on the map will provide you live data about my whereabouts at any time. Under the sponsors' section you will see who has came forward to support this project financially. If you would be interested in joining me on this project, please do not hesitate to contact me (believe me, any support is going to be very important to me and I thank you for that in advance).  This website is not the adventure itself yet, therefore I'm onto the remaining preparation work-there is still a lot to be done! Contacting all Lithuanian embassies, planning meetings with local communities, purchasing required gear (riding gear, tent,cooking equipment, etc.), preparing motorcycle for a long distance riding, and upgrading my technical skills in order to be able to fix this bike during the trip.  More to come soon, stay tuned!
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